Your best bet is to fly into Los Cabos International Airport (San Jose del Cabo), Mexico. The approximate driving time from Los Cabos to Cabo Pulmo Beach Resort is about 90 minutes. You also have the option to fly into La Paz. Expect a two and one half to three hour drive to Cabo Pulmo.

Commercial Airlines into San Jose Del Cabo:

Alaska Airlines
American Airlines
America West




Baja California cabo pulmo map

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1st Rule of Thumb – It’s a good idea is to obey the speed limits and take it easy: you’re on vacation, the roads are narrow with rough or non-existent shoulders and local drivers are flying.

Driving at night has a whole new definition down in southern Baja. Remember, you will be driving on paved and dirt roads with others who like to drive fast plus there are lots of cows to dodge. If you want to stay the night in San Jose, The Tropicana is a nice small hotel with great food. You can then do your shopping for trinkets, go sightseeing and pick up supplies and groceries in the morning.

Rental Cars:



& Stock Up!

“Gringo” One-Stop Shop

There are many options to grocery shop in both San Jose Del Cabo and Cabo San Lucas. One of the quickest ways to pick up supplies is to go to Soreana’s located three miles south of the Airport on the main hwy. going towards San Jose as you exit the airport. Truly one stop store. Easy access and return to the hwy going north to Cabo Pulmo. Both stores take $USD and credit cards.

Buy ice for a cooler/cardboard box* to transport perishables. The water in Cabo Pulmo is safe to drink! Beer, wine and booze can be purchased at the gringo markets, by stopping at any of the Corona, Pacifico or Tecate corner stores.

For those on a “short stay” there’s a great little market just outside of La Ribera – but NOT in Cabo Pulmo. The market outside of La Ribera, called El Rey, is about 1 km past the right turn towards Cabo Pulmo. This store has lots of last-minute items, fresh tortillas, snacks and cold beer. There is also a Pemex station across from the market now.

*You don’t need a cooler when you can make a “baja cooler” – just get a cardboard box and get a bag of ice, then you’ll have “party drink” ice when you get to the house. This will keep anything you need cold for the 1.5 hour drive.


There are currently ATMs in the following locations: Los Cabos International Airport, the Market or the Bank at Los Barriles.

*Banks will no longer exchange Dollars to Mexican Pesos.


Cabo Pulmo

Turn right (east) off Mex 1 at the blue “Cabo Pulmo Parque Nacional” sign

Turn right (east) at La Ribera

getting closer to Cabo Pulmo - map

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Plan on about 90-110 minute drive from San Jose to Cabo Pulmo. Head north for 71 km on Mex Hwy 1 – going through the small towns Miraflores and Santiago. Just past hwy marker 92km will be a junction at Las Cuvaso to La Ribera and Cabo Pulmo (just before a gigantic wash with a bridge spanning it). Turn right here. Drive 8 km, passing the small town of Santa Cruz.

At the out skirts of the town of La Ribera, turn right again and head towards Punta Colorada and Cabo Pulmo. (Going straight takes you into the town of La Ribera which has a Pemex station, small market stores and fishing boats to rent.) Just past this right is El Rey and a new Pemex. Continue straight (about 26 km) on this paved road as it bends south a mile inland. Continue past Punta Colorada for about 5-10 minutes. At this point the road turns into a washboard dirt road. Watch for cows, topes (speed bumps) and on-coming cars. You will pass through two small towns, El Rincon and Las Barracas.

Approaching Cabo Pulmo, you will descend down a large steep hill with a beautiful vista of the bay. Cabo Pulmo has no street names, so landmarks are key to navigating.


Cabo Pulmo

Once in town, your first landmark will be Titos Bar (a small palapa – thatched roof structure) on the right followed by Pepe’s Dive shop and restaurant, and the Nomade gift shop. You’re close now. You will pass a six-foot bright yellow wall on your right. Take the first right between the yellow wall and the faded orange walls; which until our last big rain event, used to have blue metal gates and a visible cattle guard as seen in the picture on the right but are no longer there and an updated picture is not yet available. On your Left you will see the entrance sign for Baja Bungalows. Please drive slowly and park on your left under the parking structure or just to the right.  In the front of the Main House, visible as you drive in, there will be a  small map of the property which will display your name and location of your unit. Feel free to make yourself at home.

One word about the electricity. It is driven by solar power. So, please turn off the lights, and fans if applicable, when you exit a room or leave the house for the evening. If you feel you need to leave a light on, please use one of the energy efficient lights. This practice will ensure you will always have electricity.

You will find a local guide to restaurants, beaches, etc. and some house information when you arrive at the house.

Enjoy your stay!

turquoise gate baja
turquoise gate baja
turquoise gate baja